Custom Portrait Busts

There is nothing more treasured than having a custom portrait bust. What a wonderful lasting tribute to a loved one or a respected member of the community. Howland is a master at capturing the spirit and likeness of his subjects.

The project begins with a live sitting during which time Howland takes many reference images and detailed measurements of the subject. Note that a portrait bust should not be created from your old photos – there’s simply no way to create a true likeness from one or two snapshots. Howland must schedule an actual sitting with the subject matter to achieve an outstanding likeness.

Following the photo sitting, a bust is sculpted in clay. Photos of the nearly-completed clay sculpture are sent to the client for approval. At this time any last minute modifications are made. Then a silicone mold is created of the clay bust, and a casting is made in bonded bronze, bonded stone/marble, or foundry-cast bronze.

Blackiston Studio  Collectable Silicone Figures and Custom Portrait Busts by Howland Blackiston & Joy Blackiston    

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