Pricing of Collectable Silicone Figures
The collectable silicone figures are priced between $5000 and $6000, depending upon the fabrics selected and the complexity of any requested customization. Please allow 8-10 weeks to craft one just for you.

Pricing of Custom Portrait Busts
The basic sculpting fee is $8500. Portraits are created life-size and typically include a “head and shoulders” configuration such as seen in the examples. The bust is first sculpted in clay. Then a mold is created of the clay bust, and a casting is made in either bonded bronze or bonded marble. The entire process takes 8-10 weeks (depending upon the back-log of projects).

You can also choose to have the portrait cast in 100% bronze. For this option there are additional charges (foundry fees are typically an additional $1700).

Any costs associated with travel to the client are billed at cost.

Shipping charges are additional (however there is free delivery within 100 miles of Easton, CT).

Blackiston Studio Collectable Silicone Figures and Custom Portrait Busts by Howland Blackiston & Joy Blackiston        
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Ask about pen and ink house portraits by Howland Blackiston, starting at $400.