Collectable Silicone Figures

These figures are made by award-winning Connecticut artists, Howland and Joy Blackiston. Each is unique. Each is hand-crafted and sumptuously clothed in expensive fabrics, quality faux furs and accessories. These collectable works of art are numbered and signed by the artist.

How These Figures Are Made
The heads and hands are first sculpted in clay, and then cast in prosthetic grade silicone (it’s the closest thing to the look and feel of real skin). Skin tones are hand applied in layers to create a natural translucent look. The beard and hair are hand-punched one hair at a time (only real hair is used). The teeth are crafted from dental acrylic, and the eyes are made from glass. The body structures are crafted from durable and light-weight fiberglass (like a mannequin). Figures are life-size and weigh-in at approximately 40-50 pounds. Most of these figures are not poseable (the head, arms and legs are in a fixed position).

About the Costumes
These figures can be clothed in virtually any fabric, material and color palette that suits you. Perhaps you would like to match your décor. How about a special “themed” Santa (e.g., fly fisherman Santa)? Just ask, and we will work up some designs and swatches for your approval.

Blackiston Studio Collectable Silicone Figures and Custom Portrait Busts by Howland Blackiston & Joy Blackiston    

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